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1st Newbury
Fast and furious see-saw battle during the English Civil War

This is a good old-school style wargame, nicely done.
One of Cromwell's most important victories in the ECW

Fewer units than the other three battles in the series, but still is a fun six turn battle.
Introductory game on the first battle of the English Civil War

Great little game. Enjoyed very much and will be buying rest in series.
Fairfax's Revenge: The Battle of Langport 1645
A minor battle in the English Civil War

Excellent addition to Roberto's longrunning series. Quite a number of them will soon be published professionally by Legion Wargames, so these dtp games are a great way to check them out beforehand.
Flashing Steel
A fast paced, skirmish level, romantic Late Renaissance, miniatures system

Excellent game with a handful figures and small playing area; highly recommended.
Hopton vs Waller: the Battles of Lansdown, Roundway Down and Cheriton
Three battles of the English Civil War

Another fine addtion to Roberto's ECW series!
Ill met in Flanders: Fleurus
The battle of Fleurus of the 30 Years War

Fast moving, balanced and fun
Jesterís Dream
Bring the princess the most beautiful gifts from the sky and from the earth

Marston Moor
Seventh entry in our introductory English Civil War tactical series

Worthy addtion to the ECW series.


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