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Further Vistas: Stars & Systems
Sci-fi RPG GM's resource

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Last Stand at Kirrinbahr
Solo fantasy adventure RPG

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Like the tide into a breach: the Battle of Neville's Cross
Battle that pitted superior Scottish numbers against the power of the English longbow

Fun and quick little slug fest. Counters a bit hard to read and rules too convoluted
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Mini-Game Compendium
Several mini games

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Mini-Game Compendium 2
Two fantasy mini-wargames and a RPG compendium.

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The GMs Planet-Building Handbook
The GMs Planet-Building Handbook

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Vectis 3rd Edition
Fictional campaign from the Napoleonic Wars: a French invasion of England's Isle of Wight

In effect, Napoleon at the invasion of Sicily. Not bad if you can suspend believe. Counters could've been better. Read through all the rules. Rules are hidden in turn play-through summery.
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