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Brown Water Subs
Command of one of the five subs during the ACW

Very short simulation of ACW sub navigation. Fun, but limited replay value.
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Rules for combat using bladed weapons

Overall a good system but there are lots of areas open to interpretation. Be prepared for lots of discussion while running a game. Lack of any sort of reaction rules seems like an omission in a game of this scale.
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Dog Fight: Dueling in the Skies
Covers all aspects of air warfare from 1903 to now

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Field of Valor: Orkagrad
Orcs from Space versus Germans from WWII

Fiery Knights
Sci-Fi fiction

Goatskin, a miniature game of combat, drag out all those figures you havenít seen in years and play

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Rules for ancient combat

$4.95 Sale
Combat between Sailing vessels of the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries.

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Sauve Qui Peut
Napoleonics miniatures rules

$2.00 Sale
Rules for single figure combat 1780 to 1880

Very detailed, more than most will want in a skirmish game, but very well done
$4.95 Sale


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