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March on Rome Expansion
Expansion adds 5th and 6th player for March on Rome

Milne Bay
The Battle of Milne Bay 1942

Interesting little battle that can be enjoyed in one sitting
Poland Crushed!
German invasion of Poland

excellent treatment of the oft overlooked first campaign of ww2
Switzerland must be Conquered
A simulation of the planned assault on Switzerland by Nazi Germany

Printed out but rules not read. N ice upgrade to the original game.
The Fall of France
Fall of France was one of the most surprising events of the war in Europe

The use of the skirmish combat took a little getting used to but the effect the designer was looking for was acheived but with a lot of die rolling and ensuring all the modifiers that apply are taken. Overall nice system for this Campaign.
The Illusionary Fortress
A simulation of the Japanese assault on the

Part of the Battle of Smolensk during the initial period of the German-Soviet War



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