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The Hamster That Ate The World, Mini-game #7
It seems that only the cities of the world can feed the ravenous hamster now and he's heading this way..

The Hill Battles, Khe Sanh 1967 Scenario Book
12 detailed scenarios, maps of Khe Sanh and the surrounding area, timelime, weapon data, and ordnance

The Illusionary Fortress
A simulation of the Japanese assault on the

The Kings Hexes
Simulates two kings attempting to grow the surrounding regions around their castles

Some of the text on some tiles are illegible, overall this is a decent little tile laying game.
The Nitrate War
2-4 player strategy game covering the 19th century conflict in South America between Chile vs Peru and Bolivia

excellent introdutory wargame.
The Pub - Cardstock building
The Pub - Cardstock building

The Russo-Georgian War of 2008
Full-on combat between the Republic of Georgia and the Russian Federation

Great value for the money for sure. Spent an extra $6 to have the counters and maps printed professionally on cardboard. Rules are a bit complex and it took a few plays to iron out the rules. Overall, highly recommended
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Fight the battle of Iwo Jima.

The Siege of Draman Del
Wargame - The Siege of Draman Del

I can't believe the graphics for the price. battle a lot like Siege of Minas Tiirth
The Steamer Winans 1:120
Paper Model The Steamer Winans in 1:120 scale



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