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Modern Naval Conflicts: European Expansion Vol. I
This is the first volume of the two-part Euro Expansion for our Modern Naval Conflicts game

NATO Equipment
NATO Equipment Font

Night of the Blood Suckers 2nd Edition
Attempt to survive until dawn (featuring improved graphics and game play)

A novel take on "humans v. vampires." Playable rules, hated the artwork (Editor - comment was for 1st edition)
$0.50 Sale
Night of the Slasher
One player will secretly play as the Slasher

In every city, on every street, war is being waged

Official SuperSystem Character and Team Dossiers
53 pages of Supersystem Characters and Teams

A nice little freebee that helps enjoyment of the super system
Operation Dark Star
Three interlocking scenarios revolving around a Task Force Black mission

Good scenarios of the nice wargame system.
Operation Dovecote: IDF Defenses Along the Suez, October, 1973
The 1973 Egyptian attack across the canal.

A game of post-apocalyptic vehicular combat



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