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Medieval Risk
An unauthorized medieval game variant to the popular game

Awesome game! Therules are clear and the map is outstanding! Only wish that it came with a color chart for the kingdoms.
Middle East Smackdown
Terrorism sponsored by Iran and Syria have pushed the US too far

Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape Wargame
Unique strategy wargame where players control an Overlord and a army of Monsters

Pantheons: War of the Mythos Board Game
Build an army and support it with the heroes and gods from your pantheon and conquer the world

Risk: Over the Trenches
If you have played Risk and like the basic game, but are looking for deeper strategic play, this is the game for you

Fun yet map needs attention.
Rome's Greatest Foe: 2nd Punic War
Can the wealthy trade city of Carthage and Hannibal's invasion force cripple Rome?

I did not actually play it but the rules and counter icons seem very well done. I like the ecomomics and manpower rules especially. The map consists of so many small (meaningless) areas it might as well have used hexes. Would make a good computer
Spanish Civil War
A great and simple strategic level game

The Battle of Stalingrad Board Game
2 player strategy board game covering the epic battle between the German and Soviet forces

The Nitrate War
2-4 player strategy game covering the 19th century conflict in South America between Chile vs Peru and Bolivia

excellent introdutory wargame.
The Vietnam War
Both players must compete for military domination of Vietnam

Rules are formatted and presented well. Counters are uninspiring. Will eventually play.


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