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Songs of Our Ancestors
a Flying Lead/Song of Blades variant

Special Forces: Counter-Terrorist Warfare in the Modern Age
Game of close combat in the modern era

A straight-forward game-system that can be quickly grasped as-is or easily adapted to suit personal preferences, such as more exotic weaponry, different scaling or any other variable that takes your fancy.
Spitting Fire Rulebook
Pseudo-historical game of aerial combat, set during World War II

Starforce Command
Planetary Ground Combat Wargames Rules for micro scale models or counters

$2.95 Sale
Starmada X: Brigade
The Universal Game of Starship Combat

After only reviewing the rules and ship building, this appears to be what I expected. A good generic ship building set of rules, although still a bit more complicated than I would prefer.
Starmada: The Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook
A miniatures board game of starship combat

This shows real promise. I hope to try it soon.
Steel And Resolve: WW1 Naval Combat
Next generation comprehensive naval wargames covering entire time periods of naval combat

$14.99 Sale
Super Mission Force
Fast superhero skirmishes between teams of heroes or villains

SuperSystem 2007 Annual
Supplement for the SuperSystem offers new characters, powers, and scenarios

what a great set of rules!!!Can't wait to get playing.


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