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Songs of Our Ancestors
a Flying Lead/Song of Blades variant

Special Forces: Counter-Terrorist Warfare in the Modern Age
Game of close combat in the modern era

A good little system for modern skirmish, very simple and quite fun. I Recommend them!
Spitting Fire Rulebook
Pseudo-historical game of aerial combat, set during World War II

Starforce Command
Planetary Ground Combat Wargames Rules for micro scale models or counters

$2.95 Sale
Starmada X: Brigade
The Universal Game of Starship Combat

nice rules system and a good overview of Brigade's starship miniatures
Starmada: The Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook
A miniatures board game of starship combat

This shows real promise. I hope to try it soon.
Steel And Resolve: WW1 Naval Combat
Next generation comprehensive naval wargames covering entire time periods of naval combat

$14.99 Sale
Super Mission Force
Fast superhero skirmishes between teams of heroes or villains

SuperSystem 2007 Annual
Supplement for the SuperSystem offers new characters, powers, and scenarios

Enjoyed the layout and the content very much. It really adds value to the Super System.


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