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Bombed House 30mm Paper Model
Paper Model

Boom The Card Game
Players try to avoid a Bomb that could explode at any moment

Fun little family game. Kids like to bring it out now and then. I added a few cards to make it a bit more cut-throat. Made it more like Hex-Hex the card game.
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Both Austro-Hungarian Forces and German Forces in the East
Both 1914 Oob for Austro-Hungarian Forces on the North-East Front and German Forces in the East

Breakout to Paris: Operation Blucher, May 1918
A german offensive in 1918.

Brigadier General
Solo WWII miniatures rules

Brothers by my Side: The Story of LZ-Xray
The air assault by the 1-7 Air Cavalry Battalion into the hornetís nest of three North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regiments

Good tactical Vietnam wargame. Well written rules. The only concern is whether a print and play game with a 8.5x11 inch map and less than a 130 counters rates a price tag of $14.95.
Brown Water Navies - The Chattahoochee Express
Scenario for Brown Water Navies

Good expansion,for a great game, Interesting What If; at home, in Florida
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Brown Water Navies Deluxe
Naval warfare during the American Civil War

Great game, good detail, very clear, excellent counters but could easily coonvert to miniatures
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Brown Water Subs
Command of one of the five subs during the ACW

Nice 10 minutes filler for a subject not cover by other simulations.
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