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Birth of A Nation American Civil War Rules
Medium to large scale rules for the American Civil War

Very happy with the service
$3.95 Sale
Brown Water Navies - The Chattahoochee Express
Scenario for Brown Water Navies

Good expansion,for a great game, Interesting What If; at home, in Florida
$2.00 Sale
Brown Water Navies Deluxe
Naval warfare during the American Civil War

Great game, good detail, very clear, excellent counters but could easily coonvert to miniatures
$12.95 Sale
Brown Water Subs
Command of one of the five subs during the ACW

Nice 10 minutes filler for a subject not cover by other simulations.
$2.00 Sale
Chaos in Carpathia
Fast-paced skirmish-level game of clashes between men and monsters in the Victorian era

This is a great value if you're looking for a ruleset that is great for Gothic Horror gaming. One weakness: no option to generate characteristics for your own models. So if you have oddball pieces, you'll need to playtest your own stats.
Combat: American Civil War
Simple, fast play ACW 15mm miniature wargame rules.

Crazy Horse, Black Shield, White Bull: Prelude to Little Big Horn 1866
1000 warriors appeared from seemingly nowhere

Yet another excellent Perry Moore game !
CSS Pioneer Submarine 1/16
Paper Model of CSS Pioneer Submarine in 1/16 scale



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