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Big Bang Volume 06: German Small Arms of WW2
Stats are provided for 60 individual weapons

Great reference piece even if not used for gaming.
BLOOD & ARMOR: Last Victories for the Reich, Hungary,1945
Germany's last victories on the battlefield.

Blue Water Navies
Rules for all aspects of naval warfare from 1910 to 1945.

Good basic miniature rules, more stats for predreadnoughts would have been helpful. Overall very satisfied
$5.00 Sale
Blue Water Navies - Sink The Bismarck
The balance of the war hangs in the outcome

$5.00 Sale
Brigadier General
Solo WWII miniatures rules

Teams of soldiers battle for stronghold supremacy

Christmas in Hell: the Battle for Ortona, December 1943
Solo game on the final days of the battle of Ortona

$6.95 Sale
Combat: WWII
15mm World War II Miniature Wargame Rules

Corsair Leader
Solitaire game for WWII air combat fans

cards look great


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