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Fairfax's Revenge: The Battle of Langport 1645
A minor battle in the English Civil War

Excellent addition to Roberto's longrunning series. Quite a number of them will soon be published professionally by Legion Wargames, so these dtp games are a great way to check them out beforehand.
Fallen Kingdoms
Each player is a Norse god that will control various Viking kingdoms

Familiars: The RPG of magical pets
Players take the role of magical spirits in the body of an animal

Fantasy Characters
Fantasy Characters font

Faster than Light Soccer
Soccer is a game for two players

only 1 problem : no translation in french !!!!
Fear & Faith - Horror Skirmish Rules
Fast-playing horror miniature rules

Fear & Faith - Horror Skirmish Rules (+ $1 donation)
Fast-playing horror miniature rules

Field of Valor: Orkagrad
Orcs from Space versus Germans from WWII

Fiery Knights
Sci-Fi fiction



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