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Half Inch Full Hexsheet (Shortgrain)
Half Inch Full Hexsheet (Shortgrain)

Prints out nice and clean on an A1 size sheet, good value for money, quick service. Rather impressed.
Half Inch Full Hexsheet (Shortgrain) With Numbers
Half Inch Full Hexsheet (Shortgrain) With Numbers

Hamel: 1918
The first offensive combat operation of US forces on the Western Front

Well worth the money--if only I enjoyed mounting counters more than I do!
Head to Head Tennis
A solitaire tennis game

$4.00 Sale
Hearts & Minds: ISAF in Afghanistan
Modern Afghanistan supplement for Flying Lead

Heavy Panzers at Kursk: Tigers, Elephants & Beast-Eaters July 5th, 1943
Covers the brutal and epic battle at tactical level near Snovo and beyond

Another interesting design marred by setup and reinforcement issues.
Hero Builder, Mini-Game #59
Create new, dynamic heroes and villains for your Heroes Inc game

Heroes for Hire, Mini-Game #39
Hire adventurers and send them off to solve one of the many problems that plagues your city

Heroes Inc, Master Mindís Revenge, Mini-Game #61
See if your heroes can defeat Master Mind before he destroys the city



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