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Mach Speed Hunters
Aerial Combat in the Modern Age

Excellent balance between playability and complexity. I highly recommend.
Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game #1
Japanese invasion of Malaysia

Loved this! Deceptively clever system forcing strategy to follow historical abilities and defects of the forces, manifestly including terrain and logistics. More, more!!!!
Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game (Computer)
A computer conversion of Malaya: V-Mail Postcard Game

Enjoyable simple game
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March on Rome
A multiplayer family oriented game set in the declining Roman empire

March on Rome Expansion
Expansion adds 5th and 6th player for March on Rome

Maria Teresa: War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748)
Solitaire game on the War of the Austrian Succession

Not bad, not bad at all. Excellent little solitare game. The Counters can be confusing to start.


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