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1/72 L.C.A. landing craft
Paper model
Review - A decent kit, no clear instructions or any assembly guidelines to assist in getting the kit done! Otherwise a fine model.
1/72 L.C.V.P. in light sea grey
Paper model
Review - No clear instructions with kit or assembly guides, makes for some interesting investigative work to get it to look just right on the assembly side.
1888 Peral Submarine 1/48
Paper Model of 1888 Peral Submarine in 1/48 scale
CSS Pioneer Submarine 1/16
Paper Model of CSS Pioneer Submarine in 1/16 scale
David Bushnell's Turtle Submarine 1/12
Paper Model of David Bushnell's Turtle Submarine 1/12 scale
Jules Verne Nautilus 1:100
Paper model Jules Verne Nautilus in 1:100 scale
Spanish Battleship Pelayo 1:200
Paper Model of Spanish Battleship Pelayo in 1:200 scale
Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull 1:200
Paper Model Spanish ironclad Numancia Full-hull in 1:200 scale
The Steamer Winans 1:120
Paper Model The Steamer Winans in 1:120 scale
USS Tecumseh 1:200
paper model USS Tecumseh Paper Model in 1:200 scale

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