1862 - 12 - Seven Pines (American Civil War in 3D)

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Pages in main/rules file: 20

Game System: American Civil War in 3D

Players: 2

Designer(s): Martin Brierley

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1862 Ė Seven Pines (American Civil War in 3D)

This is the twelfth battle in our series of the American Civil Wargames in 3D. The Confederate Army are launching a surprise attack against the Union. The battle is fought on the very outskirts of Richmond where the Union commanded by General George G McClellan have been slow to engage the Confederates under General Joseph E Johnston.

Historically the Confederates were slow to launch the requested dawn attack against the Union. This was blamed on the poor means of communication of the orders sent by Johnston to his staff. The battle finally got underway in the early afternoon, luckily for the Confederates the river was in full spate and the Union could do little to reinforce across the bridges from the northern side of the river. Both sides declared the battle a victory.

Seven Pines initially has a time limit of 10 bounds in which the Confederates must attack and gain ground. The games design allows for a fast, fun and realistic game within a 1-2 hour period of continuous play. The game gives a flavor of the American Civil War period and a simple chain of command solution adds intrigue to the game, keep the chain of command together and everything is fine, lose it and it could cost you the game?

Combat is designed around the three factors that appear on the unit counters, these indicate the Range, Attack and Strength of the represented unit. You donít even need any dice to play the game since a dice tile system is included with the game, but if you want to roll dice then itís the simple six sided variety that you will require.

The game board is designed to be used either 2 dimensionally as a straight print and play or 3 dimensionally, this takes a little more time to construct but it is well worth the effort for the impressive game board you get at its completion. The final 3D game board gives you a realistic feel to the terrain and shows the tactical dispositions of all the game counters.

Included with the download is the 3D Game Board in two halves, the Seven Pines six page Battle Report, the Gaming Counters, a simple guide on how to build a 3D Game Board, the Brothers At Arms twenty page Rules Booklet with Play sheet, a twenty four hour Timeline Table and finally a set of Tile Dice. The game rules are fast and easy to learn and will be the same throughout the full series of American Civil War in 3D.

Can you continue this great series of battles with another victory? Play North or South in this the twelfth game of the American Civil War in 3D series of board games.

Beaverís Dam is next in the series and it comes with a continued play option that is dependent on the tactical objectives you win in this game.


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Shaun Austin 10 10 10 Big Battle with lots of units (The most in the series so far). A well designed scenario that has plenty of options for both sides to obtain victory.

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