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Game System:

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Scott R. Pyle
Joseph Dragovich

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The Game

The Department is a tabletop miniature game set in a near future America where Fabricated Human Simulants, also known as fabricants, walk among us. Players take on the role of agents from the U.S. Department of Fabricant Management, a government department charged with policing fabricants and fighting the increasing instances of fabricant-related terrorism. The Department is meant to be the first tabletop police procedural game that requires no Game Master to play. Players will use sleuthing, investigation, interrogation, and combat to hunt down and stop fabricant terrorist cells.

The game draws heavily on the noir and police procedural dramas and blends in elements of robotic sci-fi. The Department is not cyberpunk: itís Blade Runner meets Law and Order meets I-Robot meets American Gangster meets Mad Men meets The Maltese Falcon and more.

Where Wargame and RPG Meet

The Department uses the popular Goalsystem, written by Scott Pyle. Building on this proven base, The Department features an innovative, cooperative campaign system where players play scenarios in order to gather a diverse array of evidence points. Players then use these evidence points to acquire warrants, follow up on leads, and finally hunt down the leadership of the fabricant terrorist cell. The campaign constantly challenges players to use their limited investigation resources wisely, as their departmentís patience will eventually run out and the players will be thrown off of the case.

While it is meant to be played as a tabletop miniature wargame that requires no game master, The Department can be played without miniatures as a map based tabletop RPG. Our goal is to create a rulebook that allows you to explore the streets of 2060s America your way.


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