The Glory that Was Vol. I: Greece. Episode IV: Socrates' Battles

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Game System: The Glory that was Greece

Players: 2

Designer(s): Roberto Chiavini

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The Battles of Delium and Amphipolis, 424-422 B.C.

Socrates was one of the most influential philosopher of human history, his peculiar story narrated essentially by his most illustrious pupil, the great Plato. Before becoming a teacher for the young generation that lived in Athens in the last days of the Peleponnesian War, he was also a soldier and he took part in a couple of important campaigns of that war.

The first battle, fought in 424 BC, was part of the Athenian campaign to secure a solid base for further action in the north, and ended with a defeat by a Beotian coalition, and with the dead of the Athenian commander, Hippocrates. Socrates partecipation in the battle is attested by Plato in the dialogue Symposium and his heroism is testified by the world of Alcibiades.

The second battle, fought with only a few thousand troops from both sides, was a direct clash between the main antagonists in the war, Sparta and Athens, and ended with a decisive victory for the Spartans, but, as both commanders died during the fight, it opens the road for the so called Peace of Nicia, that settled the situation for a few years to come (and opened the road for the unfortunate Sicilian Expedition, that sealed the fate of the conflict for the Athenians).

To tell the truth, Socrates took part also to the Potidaean expedition, in 433/432 BC, where he saved the life to his friend Alcibiades at the time a very young cavalryman -, but we have too few data to make a concrete scenario out of that battle/siege.

2 8.5" x 11 full color maps
168 counters and markers
14 Cards
8 Page Rules in English
2 Page Special Rules
1 Morale Chart


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