Siege of Leningrad

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Game System:

Players: 2

Designer(s): Stephen V. Cole
Thomas A. Stevenson

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The "Siege of Leningrad" was originally published in the Jagdpanther magazine in 1977. The map, order of battle, and mechanics have been greatly modified for this version which has been authorized by the designer Stephen Cole. The game covers the initial attempts by Army Group North to take Leningrad in 1941 to the final lifting of the siege in January 1944 in five historical and one hypothetical scenario.

Units are mostly divisions and corps. German divisions can breakdown to regiments or kampf groups at any time. The game system is a classic move, combat, mechanized movement type with some step reduction. Friendly fortified areas double defense and negate enemy ZOC's and play a critical role in the game. The Germans have air support that provides a one column shift in the early scenarios while the Russians have special augmentation units and first turn bombardment attacks in the latter scenarios. The game is very suitable for solitaire play.

Computer Requirements
OS: Windows XP or later
32 bit (high) color
Minimum Screen Size: 800x600
Minimum Ram: 1 MB
Hard disk space required: 6 MB


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