Terror War

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Players: 1

Designer(s): Bruce Costello

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Terror War is a solitaire, strategic level boardgame of the 'War on Terror' (since renamed 'The Long War') the United States of America and her allies are conducting against al Qaeda and other entities (states and organizations) that are, or may be, involved. The objective of the terrorists is to demote the United States from pre-eminent world power and set up a situation where they could overthrow existing Muslim states to create and rule the resulting backward, ignorance-based medieval states in a crucially important region and thus attempt to dominate the future of Man. Your objective is to avoid this and simultaneously eliminate al Qaeda. This must be done in a murky world where certainty as to who is a definite enemy and who is not, and what will work and what won't, cannot be easily obtained.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Cinco Antonio 9 9 9
adam wilson 8 6 8 Great free game, very detailed, missing some tables but they can be found elsewhere.
Robert Vötter 7 6 8 A good game to play solo
Thomas Poulsen 10 10 10
Rick Trnka 10 10 10 A great game! Very fun and informative. Bruce Costello strikes again. Highly recommended!

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