Song of Blades and Heroes Revised

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Price: $ 8.00

File Type: zip

File Size: 19 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 65

Game System: Song of Blades

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Andrea Sfiligoi

demo: No demo available



The nominee for the 2008 Origins Award “Best Miniature Rules” returns in a revised, expanded edition. 65 pages PDF with additional designer notes, examples, profiles and tactical tips. The PDF edition is 8,5 x 11 inches (letter sized) and comes in a fully illustrated PDF with illustrations by Andrea Sfiligoi and Jim Hartman, and in a condensed ink saving file with no illustrations or page decorations - just the text of the rules. Covers are two separate files.

Song of Blades and Heroes is an exciting set of fast play fantasy rules that can be played with your existing miniatures.

EASY: simple rules that you learn in one game;

EASY MEASURING: no counting inches or centimeters: SBH uses three measuring sticks to measure all distances;

FAST: A game lasts 30-45 minutes. Play a mini campaign in a single evening;

INEXPENSIVE:5-10 models per player are needed;

CONVENIENT: a 3’x 3’ play area (for 28mm figures) is enough. Bring all your armies in a shoebox!

MULTI-SCALE: any single based miniature, in any scale;
Standard Six sided dice only;

READY TO PLAY: 180+ monsters and heroes included, and you can create your own!


WELL-SUPPORTED through a dedicated yahoo! group, a website and countless blogs and fan-made resources;

CAMPAIGN RULES: your warband grows more powerful after every battle;
Six scenarios included.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Vince Franzese 10 9 9 Song of Blades and Heroes is a fun fast paced skirmish game. On e of the best aspects of the game is that you can use any miniatures you have on hand to play a game!
Jan Jaap Sandee 10 8 8 The manual mentions being hex-grid friendly, but the movement numbers aren't listed in it. Other than that, great game.
Dallas Tucker 10 10 10 SoBaH rules are well written and quite good. I recommend them to anyone wanting a good and quick miniatures system.

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