On Holy Ground II

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At the start of the First Crusade Western Europe was finally emerging from
the period commonly referred to as the Dark Ages. The Crusades allowed The West to define itself with a new cultural and religious self. The Church, through The Crusades was able to redirect a large portion of the war and destruction by its warrior class from The West to The East. The Crusades therefore represent an important period in Western and Eastern history when both cultures collided at a crossroad in time.

ON HOLY GROUND THE CRUSADES is a campaign sourcebook allowing players to wage war and campaigns in the Holy Land. Crusades also took place in of all places, Southern France as well as Spain and Eastern Europe. This sourcebook deals only with those fought in the Holy Land during from 1092 through 1192.

Due to the complicated nature of warfare during The Crusades,this campaign sourcebook is designed for use with all Advanced Game (AG) rules in DoBII.

Pdf version of the rules. Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or higher is required

On Holy Ground II
OHGII 2002


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