Into Battle Tactical WWII rules

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File Type: zip

File Size: 4 MB

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Game System: Into Battle

Players: 2

Designer(s): Norm Smith

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“Into Battle - Eastern front mid war. This is a tactical WWII game, with individual squads and vehicles being represented on the battlefield.

The complexity level is at the lower end of tactical gaming, using a system based around 5’s and 6’s to give hits etc.

The ‘feel’ of battle comes from command and control rules that reduce a players ability to command everything, morale rules that prevents ‘fight to the last counter’ type games and movement rates that are conducive to the caution needed amidst a raging firefight. The basic game gives 4 scenarios but the counter mix allows for some scenario creation by the user.”

2 8x10 maps
Rule book
4 Scenarios
2 counter sheets
Quick reference cards
2 sheet of Random Event cards
Play aid card Players


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Comments from customers
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Jeremy Ward 10 9 10 Nice game, nice components, nice video. Well done Norman! Can we have a NW Eurpoe version please?

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