Paean: Greek City Sate Wars

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Designer(s): Martin Brierley

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Paean is the war cry of the Greek Hoplite Phalanx, the literal definition is “a song of joyful praise or exultation”, normally to their deity in most cases this would have been Apollo the Greek God of War.

These ancient wargame rules have been developed to be fast, fun and enjoyable; they function on the simple principles of command, action and response. The main aim of the rules is to create a paperless wargame that feels historical when played and gives a realistic conclusion at the battles end.

The rules are designed for small miniature scale figures that fit on a standardised frontage base. The frontage of figures on the base and the subsequent number of ranks determine the type and number of offensive dice that are rolled for missile fire and close combat without any modifying situational dice being added.

The ebb and flow of the battle is determined through the individual commanders of each army, they use their command abilities to control the stream of orders to the formations that they govern. Fortune does favour the brave and these rules definitely reward the zeal of a pious commander.

Heroic characters with Demi-God qualities can influence the course of a battle, giving aid at times of need and inspiring their fellow warriors to feats of great renown.

The historical timeframe for these rules is the Greek Archaic Period of 800BC to 480BC. In Greece there were many hundreds of Poleis or centres of population, many of these Poleis were conquered or came together through a shared interest to form larger Greek City States. These rules are set in a time where the key Poleis are wanton for expansion and conquest.


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