Nights of Fury: Guadalcanal Naval Battles

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NWS: Nights of Fury - Guadalcanal Naval Battles is a high intensity naval combat wargame that offers realism and detail yet have streamlined and hard hitting game play for 2 players or solitaire play. Full color cards with highly detailed ship graphics for easy and quick recognition. Full color island cards showing Savo, Florida, and Guadalcanal islands are used for the battle map. Scenario cards include random events, weather, visibility, land effects, and other cards that will determine the setup and play of the battle. Quick result combat modifier charts will also be included to allow for fast reference to determine combat results.

All the critical details are covered such as floatation and structural damage, spotting and detection, admiral capabilities, formations, maneuvers, land effects, radar effects, armor ratings, fire controls, torpedo combat, gunnery, evasion, combat range effects, random events, crew qualities, searchlights and star shells, and more!
The USN, RAN, and IJN ships each have their own researched and calculated combat factors and with the details to make combat realistic and effective.

A rapid fire, efficient, and easy to learn combat system with basic, advanced, solitaire, and optional rules. No other naval combat card game has yet to incorporate the features this combat system will handle.

Combat factors include defense ratings, floatation ratings, armor ratings, search and fire control radar ratings for USN ships, main and secondary battery firepower, armor piercing shell ratings, torpedo protection systems, size, and speed ratings.

Basic, advanced, optional, and solitaire rules will be included. There is no lucky draw of the cards. This is a wargame that plays with the speed, efficiency, and fun of a card game but with the realism of a detailed board game. Solitaire play will be included with an effective and unpredictable AI combat system that will challenge the player.

You will be able to play the entire campaign of surface naval battles in and around Guadalcanal and feel the fury and hellish blasting of ships firing guns and torpedoes in vicious night engagements. The battles around Guadalcanal proved to the world how fast sailors and ships could die from the withering firepower of WW2 fire controls, gunnery radar, and rapid fire guns firing massive numbers of shells at near point blank ranges. Never in naval history were the battles so terrifying. Will you spot the enemy first or will the enemy appear out of nowhere with guns blazing and torpedoes racing towards your ships? Will your radar be of any use or get all fouled with land clutter and rain squalls? Will the enemy pulverize your ships with point blank range deadly shellfire before you can even respond? Are those friendly ships or enemy ships in the dark of night? Will you survive to fight the next battle or lose the bloodiest surface combat campaign of naval history?
Command your ships in the historical battles of Savo Island, First and Second Guadalcanal, Cape Esperance, Tassafaronga, etc.. or generate your own battles with a scenario generator. Play historic or randomly generated campaigns against another player or on your own against a competent AI combat system.


* 120 unit data cards, 37 classes of warships, 199 battle marker chits (1" x 1")

* 3 land formation markers representing Savo, Florida, and Guadalcanal islands, 1 battle map (8.5" x 11")

* 5 page Rules Manual, 2 reference charts, 2 campaign charts, 2 campaign logs, 1 solitaire play chart

* Detailed warship graphics for easy recognition.

* 18 naval commanders each rated for cohesion, combat, and detection.

* Objective oriented scenario generator, 13 historical battle scenarios, Dynamic campaign system

* Solitaire and multiplayer rules

* Gunnery includes main, secondary, and tertiary gun batteries, Torpedo combat with individual torpedo hits counted

* Armor and defense ratings and torpedo protection systems, Structural and floatation damage ratings

* Search and fire control radars including the effects of radar clutter

* Fog of War and mistaken targets effects, Intelligence levels per scenario

* Weather and lighting effects including rain squalls, Searchlights and ship fires

* Various critical damage effects and random events, Ship disengagement rules, Damage control rules

* And much more!


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