Naval Warfare WW2 (Data Card Edition)

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NWS: Naval Warfare - World War 2 is a NWS Team designed comprehensive/detailed naval wargame covering the major naval battles of WW2 with the ability to create unlimited custom scenarios. Carriers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, convoys, transports, submarines, aircraft squadrons, coastal batteries, merchants, ports, airfields, airbases, airstrips, and various other units are included. Battles include tactical surface combat, strategic carrier combat, convoy battles, amphibious invasions, campaigns and much more!


* All game components below are presented in standard PDF format.
* Forces included: United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia, Australia, Denmark, and Netherlands.
* Detailed yet streamlined and easy to follow combat mechanics including basic, advanced, optional, and solitaire rules.
* Campaigns covering the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea.
* Tactical and strategic battles covering carriers, surface combat, convoys, submarines, aircraft, amphibious operations, etc..
* 744 professional-quality grayscale unit data cards representing 200+ ship classes, 90+ aircraft types, 30+ submarine types, land units, coastal batteries, merchants, raiders, transports.
* Over 200+ ordnance and marker cards.
* Requires two standard six-sided dice.
* Any common Red/Orange/Yellow game markers may be used.
* 204 1/2" full color counter sheet.
* 50 page Rules Manual with 24 historical and hypothetical scenarios.
* 2 combat matrix, 2 search matrix, 2 play sequence charts, and 4 reference charts.
* Combat examples included for easy understanding of how the rules work during game play as well as quick reference modifier charts.
* 10 tactical and strategic color hex maps included representing various hot spots of WW2 naval combat and hypothetical battles.
* Very flexible design that can be played as a board game, card game, or with miniatures.


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