Blazing Jets

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Building on the successful foundations of Biplane Barmy, Blazing Jets is a
game of modern aerial combat, with the emphasis on quick play (ten minutes
or less) and tactics over luck. The demo is a cut-down, but fully playable,
version of Blazing Jets. Download it, give it a try, and if you like it buy
the main game :)
a.. 81 page book
b.. USAF Jargon Guide
c.. 286 Counters
d.. Rules for Vietnam and Gulf War I
e.. Maneuver Charts
f.. Play maps

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Blazing Jets


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Robert VanDormolen 10 10 10 Have not played it yet, but it looks fun and has practical game rule mechanics
Michael Barlow 6 7 7 Exactly the same as the other games by this publisher. Quick and fun!
eric siwczak 8 7 5
Mark Lundequist 8 9 9 Love the manuever pages at the end. Helps to offer ideas in what to do instead or turn, move straight, and dive, so to speak.
Donald Hawes 8 5 7 Very easy fun little game.
Yosifumi Endou 10 9 9 Exciting and Fun

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