All-Purpose Miniatures Rules

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All-Purpose Miniatures Rules is the ultimate miniatures combat system
for use with any miniatures in any combination and in any scale.
Includes vehicles, robots, spacecraft, Mass combat and Massive Combat
(1/300 scale), Psionics & Magic, and more than a dozen Army Lists and
scenarios. This makes the All-Purpose Miniatures Rules truly "Suitable
for Everyday Use".

64 pages includes creation worksheets and blast templates.

All-Purpose Miniatures Rules


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Robert VanDormolen 10 10 10 Great place to start if you are trying to make your own wargame.
Aaron Fleming 4 3 3 Too simplistic. Everyone moves the same based on armor whetherthye be little folk or super-cyborgs from Q-13. Little differentiation between characters; Robin Hood and Buck Rogers feel the same.

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