Breakout to Paris: Operation Blucher, May 1918

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Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Breakout to Paris 1918 depicts the third Aisne German offensive. It followed Operation Michel in March. Ludendorff was determined to win the war and these offensives were Germany's last attempts. Michel was a near catastrophe for the Allies and Blucher would be just as dire and a near miss: the Germans were within hours of reaching Paris.

Some claim the two American divisions that had just arrived saved Paris from calamity for the Allies because within a period of a few days, German troops had created a huge bulge and gained over 35 miles and had taken 50,000 prisoners.

The map scale is about three miles per hex. Each combat unit a battalion( tank only), regiment or brigade. A game turn
represents one day.

One 11" x 17" mapsheet depicting the terrain the battle was fought
over along with charts and tables and Terrain Key.
One set of 280 " playing pieces.
7 page rulebook.


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