BLOOD & ARMOR: Last Victories for the Reich, Hungary,1945

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Designer(s): Perry Moore

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Last Victory depicts the last real victories of the Reich in January and
February, 1945.

Operation Komaron pitted a depleted Russian 7th Guards and 6th
Guards Tank Army against a depleted German and Hungarian force
including the 20th and 8th Panzer Divisions. The Russians, attempting
to expand the Danube bridgehead began and offensive on January 7,
which made lightening gains. The Germans held and pushed back halting
the gains. In February, the arrival of the 1SS Panzer Corps signaled
the start of Operation Sudwind, to eliminate the bridgehead. Both actions
were Germany's last victories on the battlefield.

11 Page Rules
1 Player Sheet
1 Counter Sheet
1 11x17" Map


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