Grunt 3rd Edition: Wizardry Sourcebook

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Pages in main/rules file: 21

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Players: 2+


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The Grunt 3rd Edition Wizardry Sourcebook provides players everything needed to add wizardry and spell casting to your Grunt Fantasy Miniatures game.

This sourcebook includes:
1) 3 New Unit Types
-- Wizard Units
-- Shaman Units
-- Magic Null Wizards

2) 29 Spells with Spell Descriptions

Assorted cut-out battlefield markers to help you track Spell effects and to make battlefield adjustments like adding trees for vegetation spells, Chaos Gate markers for Chaos Gate markers, units poisoned by a Poison Spell, etc, etc.

21 pages in total, including cover. 16 pages of actual rules and spell descriptions.

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Grunt 3rd Edition: Fantasy Miniature Battles



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