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Players: 2+


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The Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape Wargame is a unique strategy wargame where players take control of an Overlord and a small army of Monsters. The goal of the player to to venture forth with that army to recruit and expand their army of Monsters and to wage war against the other players.

Overlord's unique "Battlescape" game system turns each hex territory on the main game board into a separate battle board. Each terrain type offers a different "battlescape" board to play on. When two armies clash, both armies are moved over to the Battlescape for that terrain type, where that individual battle will actual take place. In this manner, each battle between monster armies is a separate tactical engagement.

There are three ways to achieve victory. The first of these seems simple enough, though is only simple if your opponent is really "bad". If you can engage and destroy the enemy Overlord in battle, you win. Failing that, victory can be achieved by strategically beating your opponents and capturing all of their Keeps. To that end, special hexes on the main game board, called "Chaos Gates" allow armies to move quickly across the map from one Chaos Gate to another, providing a way to seriously out flank other players. But that's a sword that cuts both ways, plus the pesky fact that travel through the Chaos Gates is completely random, so you might not end up where you hoped. Lastly, if you find you do not have hours to dedicate to a single game, you may play using victory point conditions.

Keep in mind that your "player opponents" are not all that you have to worry about. Each and every hex you move into brings the possibility of battle. When a player's amy is not present, there is a chance you will be engaged by NPC monster armies there, where that army is based upon the type of terrain of the hex. Additionally, special hexes on the map contain towers, where non random, challenging NPC encounters await. Victory over such challenges can provide great bonuses to your Overlord and to your army, but don't dare think this will be easy.

The Overlords: Fantasy Battlescape 2 Player PDF gives you everything needed to play the Overlords game for just $1.00. Well, everything except the dice that is...you will need a D4, D6, D8, and D10 as well.

For those players already owning Overlords, either the 2 player game or the full 6 player game, the Overlords PDf introduces samples of the new Healer and Berserker units, plus an all new game map and new Monster units

If you are interested in the Overlords game, you may visit the Overlords Game Page on the Guild of Blades web site for more information and ordering options. All Overlords game boards, monster and monster expansion packs may be combined to create an ever larger fantasy monster wargame.

The Overlords PDF is 31 pages in all and includes:

1) 3 piece game map
2) 12 Overlords cards
3) 240 Game Pieces
4) 5 Battlescapes
5) Assorted Color Damage Markers
6) 11 Pages of Game Rules



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