SGS-27 Mehari Transport

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SGS-27 Mehari Transport Utility Vehicle
Never has power and versatility come together in such an efficient package! The Mehari transport is ideal for both personnel and cargo, and its changeable configuration makes it perfect for almost any wartime situation. With it's high moblility balloon tires, the Mehari makes an ideal mobile command post or bargain basement troop carrier.

Several configurations included: flatbed, pickup and hard or canvas cargo compartment.

Compatible with 25mm/28mm figures (or smaller if reduced)

Colour schemes available: Blotch Camo

Approximate dimensions: L 10.8cm x W 5.4cm x H 7.8cm (L 4.3" x W 2" x H 3")


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
R C 9 9 9 Great little model. YOu can just see it hauling around all sorts interesting alien artifacts!
Jeff Hubbard 9 9 9

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