The War To End All Wars, 2.5 Edition

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The Guild of Blades best selling board game, The War To End All Wars, is now available in PDF format. For less than 1/4th the price of the board game!

The War to End All Wars was first published in 1998 and has since been the flagship product to the long and successful Empires of History board game series. Historically accurate Axis & Allies(*1) variants covering a wide range of conflicts from ancient times to modern.

The War to End All Wars is a territorial strategy board game covering World War I on all fronts. The War to End All Wars presents the First World War in a couple different ways. The first of these is a historical simulation that offers alliances, political structures, and entry times for the various nations designed to mirror the actual historical chain events that transpired in real life. The second scenario is the semi historical scenario and makes allowances for player choices and deviant actions by many nations. This scenarion can see Japan get more active in the war, the US and/or Italy possibly enter on the Central Powers side, the Ottomans stay neutral or even join the Allies, and much more.

While not a complex game that breaks down the individual national armies into named brigades or divisions, the level of historical detailing in The War to End All Wars is enough that multiple professors now utilize this game to help teach the WW1 era to middle, high school, and even college students.

The War to End All Wars PDF includes 77 pages in total. 8 Pages comprise an 17" x 44" game map that represents the world in four different zones (Europe, Africa, North America, Asia). See map image below. There are 5 pages of units, coresponding to the same 540 game pieces in the print edition. Additionally, this PDF includes a bonus 3 pages of armies for the WWI Extra Army Expansin Set, normall sold separately. The remaining pages are game rules, game charts & chits, and a whole host of new player reference aids.

*1. Axis & Allies is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc and is used here for the purpose of product comparison only.



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