Slim River 1942

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Players: 2

Designer(s): Perry Moore

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On January 7, the British 12th Brigade, which had been hammered back for weeks, now faced a new bold foe: Japanese tanks (type 95 and 97) composing of two companies supported by the 42nd Regiment. With only a few antitank weapons, the British defenders were hard pressed when the Japanese bold use of armor in the jungles began at 0330. What followed was simply a mini-blitzkrieg as the Japanese tanks found numerous previously undiscovered roads through which to bypass British defenses. The British really did not know what hit them and by 0830, the Japanese had secured the Slim River bridge and the road to Singapore was open. In the game, chance cards create the uncertainty of battle from the sudden approach of Japanese aircraft, discovering a bypass road, stumbling onto a minefield, or the sudden activation of British units. Formation cards determine which formations activate and in which order, depending on the player plays them. This will vary with every game turn. All this creates a totally unpredictable game.

The game comes with a 11x17 in. map, 280 counters, formation and chance cards, which are used to activate the counters on the map, a rulebook. The scale is 350 yds a hex, platoons, individual tanks & weapons, 30 min. turns for a total of 11 turns.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
christopher hamlyn 5 5 5 Excellent game. Played this one solo-one or two glitches but that is normal
Mike Dundas 10 10 10 Yet another excellent Perry Moore game !

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