Customizable Battlegrounds: Dark Cathedral

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Welcome to Øone's Customizable Battlegrounds.
Customizable Battlegrounds products are suitable for fantasy miniatures skirmish games but can be adapted to RPGs as well.

What You Get
Each product contains one king-size map (22”x34”) and the same map divided in eight US letter sheets. Therefore, your choice is to print the whole map (maybe through a print server) or print yourself the single pieces and tape them together.

Rule Your Dungeon!
This exclusive feature (also appearing in The Dungeon Under the Mountain products) allows you to customize the look of your map and make it more print- friendly (removing the ground and leaving a blank background), or set up a customized battleground by adding the furniture, removing the rubble, hiding or placing the sacred circles, the statues and so on.
On each sheet, you will find a big button like this

This button will not be printed, so, don’t mind if it overlaps some parts of the map. By clicking on this button some options will be shown, as detailed below. Please be aware that each time you make a choice it reflects over the whole document (the 22”x34” map, and the single pieces). A checkmark will appear beside the active options. Here are the options available:

• Symbols: hides terrain symbols and other text.

• Circles: hides sacred circles

• Walls: hides the walls

• Lights: hides the lights

• Rubble: hides rubble areas

• Statues: hides the statues

• Grid: hides the grid

• Furniture: hides furniture and other areas such as dais, pits, etc.

• Ground: this option hides the colored background (useful for ink-saving printouts)

• All: activate all options (if any one is disabled) or deactivate all options (if all are activated).

* Please Note: The redrawing of the map may be slow depending on your machine’ speed.

This is a scenario example. Included in the product there are two more scenarios

Scenario 2: The Rescue

Players: 2

Map Setup: circles, statues, lights OFF

Objective: Rescue the princess before she is sacrificed on the blood rock altar.

Starting Positions: Place a warband in the assembly area near the entrance. The opposite warband should deploy the miniatures in the empty statue’s niches.

Special Rules: The warband starting near the entrance of the cathedral must reach the altar before the princess is sacrificed (the princess is sacrificed on the sixth turn of play, but you can adjust this setting as you see fit). The four squares of each niche grant the sneak attack special ability to any miniature inside.


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