Asia 1483

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Asia 1483 1st Edition is a 2-16 player strategy board game of diplomacy and conquest set in Asia in the year 1483 AD.

Asia 1483 presents 10 major nations 6 minor nations that players may assume control of. Players must strive to increase the power of their nation or empire through conquest, trade, and a complex series of allianced with other players. Asia 1483 includes the following nations as player nations:

1) Sultanate of Brunei
2) Khemer Empire
3) Vijaynagara Empire
4) Kingdom of Bengal
5) Kingdom of Siam
6) Bahamani Kingdom
7) Shogunate of Japan
8) Kingdom of Tibet
9) Sultanate of Herat
10) Kingdom of Korea
11) Kingdom of Jurchen
12) Uzbeck Khanate
13) Sultanate of Samarkand
14) Sultanate of Dehli
15) Mongol Empire
16) Chinese Empire

Asia 1483 comes complete with a massive 43" x 39" game map, in black and white using shading to clearly identify the different nations. This PDF also includes all neccessary game charts and cut out game pieces for all nations, including neutral nations. Though you can easily forgo their use in favor of 3d figures such a metal miniatures, axis & allies playing pieces or some other suitable figure types.

Also look forward to the first editions of Europe 1483, Africa 1483, 1492: North America and 1492: South America to create a monolithic medieval board gaming experience.


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