Battle for the Falklands

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The Battle for the Falklands is a game of modern naval and air warfare covering the conflict between Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands in 1982.

In this two player game players must act quickly to achieve their goals and secure military control over the desolate Falkland Islands. As Argentina you must act quickly to size the islands and use your limited fleet to fortify the Falklands before the British navy can arrive in force to force your navy back into port.

As Britain you must mobilize the British navy quickly to prevent Argenina from fortifying the Falklands with an occupation force too large to contend with. If you can accomplish that, the British navy must brave the Exocet missles from the Argentinian airforce and secure the waterways around the Falklands in preparation for a landing assault to ratake the island.

Both players must manage diplomatic relations with the United States and other nations to influence the fate of world trade and Argentina's ability to purchase additional Exocet missles to utilize against the superior British navy.

game includes a black and white 17" x 22" map of South America, a full color 8 1/2" x 11" map of the Falklands islands, assorted cut out game chits and game rules. You will also need a D10 in order to play this game.


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Richard Acremann 4 3 4 Everything is horrible....
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Frank Hakstege 2 2 2 Very poor package. A waste of good money. E-

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