Africa 1483

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Pages in main/rules file: 36

Game System: Empires of History

Players: 2+


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Africa 1483 is both a stand alone game and expansion for Europe 1483. Providing an 17 player game of medieval warfare and diplomacy in central and lower Africa. Or link the Africa 1483 game map to both the Europe 1483 and Asia 1483 games and create a massive 49 player board game. Includes game rules to the all new Tribal Nations, for which there can be 5 in Africa.

Comes with 40" x 24" black and white game map, rule booklet, cut out playing tokens, rules and assorted markers. You will also need at least 1D10 to play this game.

Africa 1483 Includes the following nations:

1 Songhoy Empire
2 Kanem Empire
3 Benin City States
4 The Kingdom of Mali
5 The Manikongo Kingdom
6 Kingdom of Eithiopia
7 The Sultanate of Yemen
8 The Kingdom of Nubia
9 The Mathethwa Kingdom
10 Mwenemutapa Empire
11 Sultanate of Zanzibar
12 Sultanate of Sofala
13+ Tribal Nations 1-5


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