Six Gun Assassins

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Grab your Guns, the Wild West is about to get Wilder! Welcome to the World of Six-Gun Assassins, a fast play, rip roaring gunslinginí good time! Easy to learn and fun to play, Six-Gun Assassins has something for everyone!

Rebel Minis' Place & Play rules make it easy to live out your wild west adventures, grab your favorite figs, git on your horse and start raising a ruckus. Create your own scenarios with these core rules or try your hand that some of the scenarios provided.

Six-Gun Assassins has it all, so Saddle up outlaws there's some gun fighting to be had.

17 pages


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
fausto paganetti 7 9 8 very funny!
Nat Sinclair 6 7 6 No problems with gameplay at all, however a glaring omission is the absence of horses. The weapons aren't all that different and being able to have two pistols makes choosing to have just one obsolete. Some rules for named characters would be nice.
Ronald Pehr 7 6 7 Nothing original but a very serviceable, playable, enjoyable game

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