Big Bang Ricochet 100: Japan's Type 94 Tankette

Reference - Military Vehicles
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With this issue, Big Bang Ricochet takes a step back through time to provide serious focus on the weapons and machines of World War II. Ricochet issues 100-200 will focus solely on military machines from that timeframe.

This issue focuses on the Type 94 Tankette, a lightly armored machine gun carrier which was one of Japan's earliest armored vehicles of the war, introduced in 1934. The machines, designed as chemical weapons carriers, were too often dedicated to tasks they were never designed for, including urban warfare and reconnaissance roles. More than 800 of these machines were manufactured, and though insufficient for the tasks given to them, many survived the war and ended up in armor museums around the globe.

Also included with this issue are several Big Bang entries for Japanese machine guns.


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