Mystic Adventures, Battles

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This is the first of several expansions for the Mystic Adventures board game. The sound of swords clashing, the roar of the charging Minotaurs, the call of the horns for the elven warriors to release their bows. All of these can be heard on the battles fields of the mystic lands. No aspect of the Mystic Adventures game is more important then engaging your foes in battles. For defeating your enemies, and their followers, is the key to victory. Mystic Adventures, Battles, takes the existing battle system and expands upon it, adding several new and exciting rules and strategies. Players will find that their Mystic Adventures games beginning to take on more and more exciting conflicts as players try to out maneuver, and out think, their opponents.

Included is a 6 page set of rules.
4 new PCs and 4 new heroes.
Over 15 new, full color battle mats.


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