Battle Tiles, Water Filled Dungeon Halls 2

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Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

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Battle Tiles, by Bad Baby Productions, is a fun, and exciting way to improve your gaming experience. Use these high quality map tiles to create new and challenging battle arenas for your miniature gaming, or use them to create maps for roleplaying games of all types.

Each square is set to a 1" to 5 foot scale, and each tile is created so you can interconnect them with other tiles to create massive settings for adventure and battle.

At a cost of less then fifty cents a page, and hundreds of possible combination, you can't go wrong with Battle Tiles, so get started and have a battle to remember.

The newest set of Battle Tiles features over 40 new water filled passages. These tiles hold small ledges upon which the brave may walk, but be careful what lurkers under the calm surface of these dark waters, for it may reach out and grab you.

Collect all of the Battle Tile sets and forge a new adventure world.


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