A Sky Full of Ships

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Pages in main/rules file: 40

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Dan Abbot

demo: demo/ASFoS_Extract.pdf
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All Ships to Battlestations

Instead of just being a mere captain of a few ships, wouldn't you rather take the place of an admiral, commanding during those great fleet battles, those most dramatic of moments when entire empires stood or fell. If so, 'A Sky Full of Ships' just might be the rules for you. Using simple, fast-moving game mechanics, ASFoS attempts to portray the important aspects of huge fleet engagements without becoming too bogged down in time-consuming detail. They're for those players willing to sacrifice some complexity to achieve a mast-moving, playable, and most importantly, FUN game.

The generic nature of the rules will allow you to play in whatever setting you prefer, using any starship miniatures from any background at all. Invent as much or as little of your own universe, or borrow from the sci-fi background of your choice. These rules will work equally well for either.

All that is required for play is included in this single 40 page book - ship design, basic movement and combat rules, optional rules such as electronic warfare, special weapons and technological levels, as well as scenarios, sample fleets and more.
Admiral, your fleet awaits.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Jack Miller 1 1 1 This is the old/obsolete ruleset, and neither wargame downloads nor hardpoint games responded when I complained about it.
William Signs 10 10 10 A quick, dirty, and well-written wargame. Easy to learn, almost as easy to master, and the rules system is definitely easy to remember. In short, a good beer&pretzels rule system for beer n' pretzels space combat.
Larry Yeager 10 10 10 What a great system! Great for a brief fleet-sized game.
Jim McCourt 10 8 9 Easily learned clever set of rules. Accomplish large space battles in short time. Years old ship design errata from website should have been incorporated since this is an e-product.
stuart tonge 9 8 8 Nice large scale fleet rules.
David Gray 9 8 8 A neat little spaceship simulation. Low granularity which allows substantial fleets but enough granularity to distinguish between different ship designs.
Paul Coppens 9 5 8 This ruleset is eligible for small fleet as for big fleet starship combat. Good and simple system while not being simplistic. Moreover, you can play with any kind of ship model. It is a must have for any self-respecting starship commander.
Larry Stehle 9 9 9 Great set of rules to use large fleets of miniatures by anyone!
Martin Mitchell 10 10 10 This is an excellent game!

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