Grunt 3rd Edition: Battle Cards Set #1

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Ryan S. Johnson

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Grunt 3rd Edition: Battle Card Set #1 brings all new strategies to the Grunt 3rd Edition Fantasy Miniatures game. Battle Card Set #1 introduces game rules that allow each player the option of spending 5 army points for the ability to build and utilize their own custom Battle Card deck. During game play all players with custom Battle Card decks will draw cards from their own custom deck while all players that did not chose that army will draw cards from the standard Grunt Battle Cards deck as per the standard rules.

90 Unique Battle Cards allow players to customize their battle deck in a wide variety of ways to tailor their deck to support their favorite army building and combat strategies for Grunt. Custom Battle Cards come in two power levels; Level 1 cards are standard cards and a player may utilize up to 5 copies of such cards in their custom Battle Deck, while Level 2 cards are much more powerful and a player is limited to just one copy of such cards per deck. Decks must comprise at least 60 total cards but may be larger.

So pick up Grunt Battle Cards Set #1 and gain the ability to customize your army even further to gain those unique and unpredictable advantages against your next foes...

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Grunt 3rd Edition


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