Trauma Case Inbound

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Price: $ 5.95

File Type: zip

File Size: 1 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 7

Game System:

Players: 1

Designer(s): Wendell Martin, Jr.

demo: demo/Trauma_sample.pdf
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Trauma Case Inbound is a game portraying an unusually hectic day at a hospital's emergency department. Its level of realism lies between that of actual medical procedures and emergency medicine as depicted in movies/television shows. Players will need to assign their limited numbers of doctors, nurses, and equipment based on available information on incoming patients, and personnel fatigue is a significant factor.

The game may be played either solitaire or multiplayer (which is a "multi-solitaire" situation presenting each player with the same incoming patients). Multiplayer interaction is possible by rerouting inbound patients to another player's hospital. There's no fixed limit on the number of players, but one to four is a reasonable range.

Components include:
7-page rulebook
Hospital Map
31 counters
106 markers
Game Display
Two Doctor/Nurse Displays
Patient Display
Sequence of Play
One six-sided die is required for play.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Tim Royal 6 7 7 Decent game. Nice coverage of a theme that isn't very common.
Cheung Kar Fai 9 8 9 Fast learning and very playable; recommended.
Cagri Akyurt 10 7 9 I really enjoyed this game. Vary good solitaire.
Sergio Gonzalez 7 7 7
Ton Segers 8 8 8
Ronald Pehr 8 8 8 Fascinating, unique, well-done
Gunther Bellows 10 10 10 Fun game, definitely stressful at times, many things abstract, staffing optomistic, well worth the money

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