Heroes for Hire, Mini-Game #39

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Robert Hemminger

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The magistrate leaned back from his desk and sighed. He had so much to do and little time or money to get it all done. In his hand was a report of goblin raiders attacking farms to the north. On his desk where other requests for aid, complaints about bandits along the high road, undead shambling about a local graveyard and many more calls for aid.

Leaning forward the high magistrate called in his assistant, a small, frail looking man with small eyeglasses perched on his thin nose. “Yes milord?” the small man asked with a swift bow.

Handing the report on the goblin raiders to the his assistant, the Magistrate told him to give the job to, “That dwarf, what was his name? You know, the one that help us out with the troll some weeks back. He and his band of adventurers did a good job on that assignment, let us see how they fair with goblins.”

With a bow, the bespectacled man turned and left, calling for a runner to go find the dwarf, who know doubt was drunk in some tavern, rewarding himself with the gold he had earned on his last job for the city’s chief trouble shooter.

This is Heroes for Hire, the newest Mini-Game from Bad Baby Productions. Take the role of a city bureaucrat, as you seek to solve one problem after another. Most of your day-to-day dealing though, has to do with adventurers, their hiring and then sending them off to solve one of the many problems that plagues your city. Can you build up a stable of reliable heroes who will slay the dragon you need dead, or find the grand treasure that you need to offer as a wedding present to the king’s third cousin. Seek glory through the blood and sweat of others, and rise to the top position within the realm.


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