EABA v1.1

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Price: $ 13.00

File Type: zip

File Size: 26 MB

Pages in main/rules file: 150

Game System: EABA

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Greg Porter

demo: demo/btr6101sample.pdf
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There are free rpg's and there are open source rpg's. And then there is EABA.

EABA is the result of a lot of thought, hard work and grueling playtesting. We wanted to make a system that was realistic, heroic, fast, flexible and all the other buzzwords you've come to expect. It's got plenty of original ideas, but we're also not afraid to borrow from some of the best games that have gone before. We wanted a system for the 21st century, one that could be entirely Internet-based and computer-friendly. How much does the pdf version of EABA cost? Thirteen bucks. Keep the savings over normal game prices, or use it to buy a couple EABA supplements...

EABA is fully hyperlinked, color-coded, indexed and organized into 150 pages of role-playing goodness. And if you don't have access to color printer or won't be reading it from a computer screen, we've got a grayscale version optimized for laser printers. Don't let the plain cover image fool you. We've got a dozen full color alternate covers in high and low resolution on our web site. Choose the one you want to customize your game!

The version includes both the color and grayscale versions of the EABA version 1.1 pdf.


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