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Pages in main/rules file: 11

Game System: Hour of Glory

Players: 2+

Designer(s): Gav Tyler
Wolfrik Galland

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Bunkerstorm is an expansion for Hour of Glory in which teams of soldiers battle for stronghold supremacy. Many elements will be familiar to Hour of Glory players but there are a number of changes and refinements.

Your objective is to secure more of the Stronghold’s rooms than the enemy within 15 (game) minutes. You can shoot, kill and maim to your heart’s content but you must never lose sight of your purpose.

You command a team of elite soldiers. At the start of the game their skills are mediocre but these can be improved if you invest Command Points in the appropriate tactical direction. This is indicated by a court card which is placed face-up.

Secured rooms also provide many benefits during the game. They can be exchanged for Command Points or used to protect your troops (as entrenched strong points and as emergency aid stations).

In your Stealth Phase you can ‘ghost-walk’ agents from one secured room to an adjacent one. This allows you to pull off audacious flanking manoeuvres’ and generally terrorise your enemy with guerrilla tactics.

Hour of Glory concepts are expanded in Bunkerstorm.

Being caught out in the open is not a good tactic. As you move your soldiers through the Stronghold’s corridors you should ensure they finish at a junction or doorway which will afford them some protection.

Some of the new concepts you’ll encounter are:

• Stopping Power –negates endurance dice for resistance
• Cover – get protection from taking cover in doorways or corridor intersections
• Penetration – negates protection dice for cover
• Precision – reduces target’s ability to take cover
• Lethal wound – a killing attack, but which will inflict a severe wound with 1 pass
• Severe wound – in addition to going prone, the casualty risks bleeding to death

At the start of the game there will invariably be a rush to secure the closest rooms to the teams HQ. Eventually the teams will converge and the first firefight will ensue. This may be a desultory exchange of bullets or a bloodbath.

As your team starts to secure rooms, you must decide whether you want to consolidate or temporarily sacrifice your foothold in order to improve your tactics.

The center room may change hands several times as both sides vie for territorial advantage. A secure route from your HQ to the other side of the Stronghold will enable you to get reinforcements to the front and press the enemy to protect his own HQ.

Unless one team has dominated the Stronghold, the endgame is critical. Depending on how many cards you have left you may focus on securing more rooms or simply clearing the enemy’s rooms. You only need one more secured room than the enemy to win...

A copy of Hour of Glory is required to play this game.


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