Chain Reaction

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Players: 2+

Designer(s): Ed Teixeira

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World War II, "Bug Hunts", Colonial Wars, Vietnam, "B" movies, and Al Capone. What do all these things have in common? Heavy firepower.

Whether you're patrolling the front lines, leading a gang of survivors in a "dark future" Wasteland, or rooting out Zombies, yes, Zombies, Chain Reaction provides the rules. Any combat that involves modern weapons can now be recreated in a realistic manner. By generating the scenarios for you, Chain Reaction lets you link all your combats into one long continuous story. Easy to learn game mechanics and a unique "reaction system" combine to make every game different.

The realistic combat system works for a number of genres from military operations, to near future gang warfare, to even "B" movies and "alien adventures". The only limit is your imagination. Now about those Zombies...

If you like this classic game, you should check out Chain Reaction 2.


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Comments from customers
Reviewer Value Quality Overall Comments
Peter Gabancho 10 8 8 I picked up All Things Zombie at a local game store and I have really enjoyed the system. I recommend checking out these basic rules.
berny john 6 7 7
Billy Reed 10 10 10 Great...
Michael Dixon 10 10 10 A most excellent set of universal rules. Specific rules expansions are available for several genres. I wanted some table top rules for miniature. This filled the bill rather nicely. A lot to take in, but excellent rule set. And it's free!
awrence bald 8 8 8
andrew Franke 9 9 9 Outstanding set of skirmish rules. The rules are concise and well written. it allows you to play an enties game in 2 Hours. This is the third product of theirs I have purchased. I intend to get 3 or 4 more.
Rich Creed 10 10 10 Chain Reaction is by far the best miniature skirmish rule set I have ever encountered.
john conner 5 2 2

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